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Pain in your teeth and gums is not only uncomfortable, it can seriously affect your long-term oral health if left untreated. At Smilecare Dentistry, we are committed to effectively treating dental pain in Toronto and Woodbridge at both of our clinics. Our dental team is skilled in treatments for root canals, wisdom teeth, tooth and root sensitivity and more. With our training and knowledge, we will find the cause of your dental pain and get rid of it as efficiently as possible, keeping your smile healthy.

Treatments for Root Sensitivity

Ouch! Have you winced when eating cold foods like ice cream or drinking ice water? Teeth can become sensitive when the roots become irritated, causing pain and adverse reaction to temperature changes, among other symptoms. We will help you treat root sensitivity through the use of specially-formulated tooth paste with a high concentration of fluoride. If the problem persists, our team will investigate further to discover the cause of your continued root sensitivity. In more severe cases, a gum graft procedure may be required.

Root Canal Therapy

When an infection or decay has reached the nerve of your tooth, the best course of action may be root canal therapy. Although this procedure has been used for many pain-jokes in popular culture, this is a consistent performer of the dentistry services portfolio. During this surgical procedure, the affected areas are carefully removed and disinfected before being filled and sealed. This procedure has provided pain relief to many people. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are the third set of adult molars, found at the back of your mouth. They are typically the final set of teeth to emerge, and often become impacted against the existing molars. This causes pain and discomfort, and due to their position in the mouth, wisdom teeth often become infected. Removing your wisdom teeth doesn’t affect your smile or your ability to enjoy your food.

Relieving Anxiety during Dental Procedures

Do the words “dental appointment” cause butterflies in your stomach? We have several techniques that will help you relax. During procedures, ask for nitrous oxide, AKA “laughing gas”. It does not put you to sleep and you will still be able to see, hear and respond to questions. It is a very safe way to help you feel calm and comfortable.

For some people, the sound of the instruments can make them tense and cringe. Try putting on headphones and listen to your favourite tunes on your phone. You can also borrow our headphones and ask Dr Koo to bring up your favourite Spotify playlist.

With all our procedures, we are committed to and uncompromising in our adherence to infection control. We take the safe-guarding of your health seriously! We are honoured at the chance to become your Smilecare team. Connect with our office today.



We offer dental services for your whole family.

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